Divvy exobox ™  hdtv package protection system shown

Divvy exobox hdtv package protection system shown


Divvy's EXOBOX(patent pending) is a proprietary over-box that provides significantly greater transit protection for goods packaged for retail sale, large electronics, or products that are breakable and difficult to handle. The EXOBOX is comprised of a heavy duty cardboard box and shock absorbing corner protection system. The EXOBOX has been designed to meet stringent ISTA 3 standards, and it has been thoroughly tested and approved by UPS. Divvy's EXOBOX has shown to provide a dramatic reduction in product damage during delivery, resulting in huge savings due to product replacement and return shipping costs. For more information about our EXOBOX service please contact our sales team.

Contact: sales@divvyservices.com  /  402-264-7004

EXOBOX™ Features & Benefits 

  • Provides additional puncture, crush, and impact protection for packaged goods, which reduces damage claims by up to 99%

  • Receive automatic damage claims approval when over-boxed products are shipped via Divvy Services' UPS account

  • The additional protection offered by the EXOBOX llows certain products to be shipped without having to be strapped to a pallet

  • Large flat panel HDTV's can survive multiple drops from a height of more than 3 feet

  • Side cut-out handles on our HDTV EXOBOX make it possible for a single person to carry the object

  • Patent pending over-box shipping system